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October News Round-up

Oct. 30 – Icelandair plans to fly carbon free by 2030
Icelandair Plans To Fly Domestic Carbon Free By 2030 (

Oct. 29 – Finally, the 50th anniversary of the Snowbirds celebrated
Snowbirds 50th Anniversary Celebration – 2 Years Late – Canadian Aviator Magazine

Oct. 29 – Re-locating lost artifacts on a Yukon glacier
Expedition finds cache of cameras on remote Yukon glacier, 85 years after mountaineer left them behind | CBC News

Oct. 29 US Carrier visits Halifax
Aircraft carrier visit to Halifax affirms allyship with U.S.: commander | CTV News

Oct. 29 – 63rd anniversary of the first flight of the An-24
On This Day In 1959 The Antonov An-24 Made Its First Flight (

Oct. 29 – Why did Airbus buy the C-Series?
Why Did Airbus Buy The Bombardier CSeries? (

Oct. 29 – behind the writing of an aircraft history
5 Things I learnt writing a book about the McDonnell XP-67 ‘Moonbat’ experimental fighter | Hush- Kit (
McDonnell XP-67 “Moonbat” X Planes book review | Hush-Kit (

Oct. 28 – New Beaver stamp choice questioned
Beaver aircraft stamp fails to take off with Canadian aviators |

Oct. 28 – And just to show how sharp reporters are, the following story is about Otters, but the picture …
Urgent recommendation calls for inspection of Canadian-made De Havilland Otter planes – Surrey Now-Leader (

Oct. 28 – And a new coin celebrating Alexander Graham Bell features the Silver Dart “that he designed” …
Canada honors Alexander Graham Bell with new coin (

Oct. 28 – Air Canada still operating at a loss
Air Canada Is Still Making A Loss… But It’s Getting Smaller (

Oct. 28 – Recalling Pan-Am’s polar round the world flight in 1977
10/28/1977: Pan Am’s Polar Flight around the World – Airways (

Oct. 28 – Maersk sea shipping launches cargo airline
Maersk’s US-Korea air cargo service lifts off Monday – FreightWaves

Oct. 28 – Overview of Air Canada’s freight operations
Air Canada cargo business hurt by aircraft mix, Asia weakness – FreightWaves

Oct. 28 – What are Air Canada’s oldest jets
What Are Air Canada’s Oldest Active Aircraft? (

Oct. 28 – The Hudson Airbus ditching from the cabin crew’s perspective
The Miracle On The Hudson: A Cabin Crew Perspective (

Oct. 28 – Open admission for UK aviation museum’s final weekend
Fenland Aviation Museum gives free entry for closing weekend | Cambs Times

Oct. 27 – And it’s not the only one.
Cornwall Aviation Heritage Museum: Last-ditch appeal to save beloved centre – BBC News

Oct. 27 – Break-in at Gander Air Museum
Gander RCMP investigates break and enter at North Atlantic Aviation Museum in Gander | Royal Canadian Mounted Police (
Thieves break-in through plane window at Gander aviation museum | SaltWire

Oct. 27 – Canadair CL-215/415 crash in Italy Air tanker crash in Italy kills two – Fire Aviation

Oct. 27 – The life of a smoke-jumper
A Day in the Life: A Plane-Jumping Wildfire Fighter | The Tyee

Oct. 27 – Ground breaking passenger seats on display in Singapore
Singapore Airlines’ A380 seats on display in national museum – Connected To India News

Oct. 27 – Canadian T-birds still drawing crowds in the USA
Aircraft to make stop Saturday at Texas Air and Space Museum (

Oct. 27 – Delivering meals in Florida after hurricane with drones
Drones deliver meals to hurricane-impacted Floridians – FreightWaves

Oct. 27 – 75th anniversary of the flight of the Hughes Spruce Goose
FreightWaves Classics: Spruce Goose took flight 75 years ago – FreightWaves

Oct. 27 – 50th anniversary of the first flight of the A-300
50 Years Ago Today The Airbus A300 Made Its First Flight (

Oct. 27 – Looking at a 1993 Twin Otter accident in Norway.
How A Twin Otter Crash On This Day In 1993 Prompted An Operational Restructure At Widerøe (

Oct. 26 – Air Force Museum in Calgary puts CF-100 simulator on display
Air force museum to add Avro flight simulator | CTV News

Oct. 26 – Air Canada renews commitment to Judy Cameron Scholarships
Air Canada and CAE to double Captain Judy Cameron Scholarships in 2023 – Travelweek

Oct. 26 – Finding old Pinetree radar sites in Ontario
Back Roads Bill: Cold war radar bases in the north – Timmins News (

Oct. 26 – F-5 cockpit for sale
Northrop F-5 / F-20 Fuselage / Cockpit Section For Sale: “Many Extra Parts” (

Oct. 26 – The DART asteroid collision and caramel
3 things you should know about how the DART spacecraft changed the orbit of an asteroid, how we have more than five senses, and how the science of caramel can make you a better cook! | The Channel (

Oct. 26 – Documentary on restoration of Hurricane found and re-mastered
Hawker Hurricane Restoration Documentary Found and Restored (

Oct. 25 – Turning passion into a career
Becoming a Commercial Aviation Historian – Airways (

Oct. 25 – Looking at the Wellesley (the damaged Wellington is a 428 Sqn. aircraft)
10 Reasons the Vickers Wellesley was amazing (and how it won the War) | Hush-Kit (

Oct. 24 – Family flies in same plane their father flew in the War
Family takes to sky in plane dad flew in Second World War |

Oct. 23 – Looking back 55 years on the CL-215
55 Years Of Flight: The Story Of The The Canadair CL-215 ‘Scooper’ (

Oct. 23 – Looking back at Air Canada / TCA
Inside The Colorful History Of Air Canada (

Oct. 22 – A glimpse at NATO support by AWACS in Ukraine
Flying just outside Ukraine, NATO’s sentinel planes warn of Russia’s battlefield moves | CBC News

Oct. 22 – A Private Yukon Museum
Another’s treasure: Meet Yukon’s most dedicated collector of old things | CBC News

And one in France
The Château de Savigny-lès-Beaune Fighter Plane (and Sports Car) Collection (

Oct. 22 – Cockpit Kittens (we had a similar occurrence in a drop tank in Edmonton)
Kittens in the cockpit: Stray cat makes herself at home at Hickory Aviation Museum ( Kitten finds way into cockpit of jet at Hickory Aviation Museum (
Kittens born inside cockpit of display jet at North Carolina aviation museum – KIRO 7 News Seattle Cockpit kittens caught at Hickory Aviation Museum, taken to humane society (

Oct. 21 – Introducing the Grand Kids to flying
Introducing children to flight: a Grandpa’s experience | World Air Sports Federation (

Oct. 21 – Lufthansa to put it’s vintage collection on permanent display
Lufthansa to Place Vintage Aircraft on Permanent Display (

Oct. 21 – Remembering the Flying Tank
The tank that could fly into battle – BBC Future

Oct. 21 – Re-using old things
A Human History in Rust | The Tyee

Oct. 21 – Antique Heath engine for sale
Antique Heath Aircraft Engine For Sale: “Not a Converted Henderson” (

Oct. 20 – RAF Museum of the Midlands awarded top accreditation
It’s Gold For The RAF Museum Midlands (

Oct. 19 – Location for new National US Navy Museum
Navy picks location for new national museum (

Oct. 19 – Portugal transferring it’s fleet of Ka-32 fire fighting helicopters to the Ukraine
Portugal to give their six Kamov helicopters to Ukraine – Fire Aviation

Oct. 19 – The World’s bravest flight attendant
Neerja Bhanot: The World’s Bravest Flight Attendant (

Oct. 18 – History of the airship America
FreightWaves Classics/Pioneers: Wellman sought to cross the Atlantic in a dirigible – FreightWaves

Oct. 17 – New aircraft at CWH
Hamilton’s Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum gets 3 new planes | CBC News
Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum acquires ownership of three aircraft on 50th anniversary – Hamilton |
Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum Spitfire to fly again |

Oct. 16 – Early Quebec Aviation’s
A terrific trio active during the early days of aviation in Québec: Ernest Anctil, Gustave Pollien and Percival Hall Reid, part 1 | The Channel (
A terrific trio active during the early days of aviation in Québec: Ernest Anctil, Gustave Pollien and Percival Hall Reid, part 2 | The Channel (
A terrific trio active during the early days of aviation in Québec: Ernest Anctil, Gustave Pollien and Percival Hall Reid, part 3 | The Channel (

Oct. 15 – Air Directive on Otters after crash in USA
FAA Otter AD Issued After U.S. Crash – Canadian Aviator Magazine
Did a Missing Lock Wire Cause Fatal Otter Crash? – Canadian Aviator Magazine

Oct. 15 – Floatplanes shot up at dock in Thompson
Bullet Holes May Write Off Floatplanes – Canadian Aviator Magazine

Oct. 13 – Calgary Hangar Museum planning new building
Calgary’s Hangar Flight Museum says it’s a step closer to a new building for its historic collection |

Oct. 13 – Canada Post releases second Canadians in Flight stamps
Canadians in Flight stamps celebrate leadership in aviation and aeronautics technology, innovation (
Montreal-made flight simulation technology honoured with a new stamp (

Oct. 13 – Myths about the ME 262
10 myths you shouldn’t believe about the Messerschmitt 262 | Hush-Kit (

Oct. 10 – Erroll Boyd and the Maple Leaf flight
Erroll Boyd: The First Canadian To Fly From Canada To England (

Oct. 10 – The World’s most dangerous airport
A Look At Lukla Airport’s Accident-Ridden History (

Oct. 9 – The World’s Worst Airliner
How East Germany made the world’s worst airliner | Hush-Kit (

Oct. 8 – New inductees to Hall of Fame
New Aviation Hall of Fame Inductees – Canadian Aviator Magazine

Oct. 8 – Balancing fire fighting with the war in Europe
In Europe, balancing firefighting and war fighting – Fire Aviation

Oct. 8 – Remembering Wardair
The Story Of Former Canadian Carrier Wardair (

Oct. 7 – Latest on the renovations at the Glenbow Museum
Here’s what’s happening with the Glenbow Museum renovation | CBC News

Oct. 5 – Remembering the Guggenheim input into aviation safelty
FreightWaves Classics: Guggenheim funds helped improve aviation and rocketry – FreightWaves

Oct. 5 – Air Force Museum Society in Calgary receives CT-133 Silver Star
Calgary aviation museum adds Cold War aircraft to its collection | CTV News

Oct. 5 – Use of drones to fight fires increasing
Drones are playing an increasingly important role in fighting wildfires – Fire Aviation

Oct. 5 – Last month we had the results of a competion for students to design the next generation of fire- fighting aircraft. Here is what NASA thinks the future looks like
NASA holds design challenge for firefighting air tanker – Fire Aviation

Oct. 1 – Use of night helicopter fire attack limited size of fire-at-aviation-museum-causes
Report shows use of four-helicopter Quick Reaction Force through the night limited final size of Route Fire – Fire Aviation

Sept. 30 – A look at the F-14
We flew the F-14 Tomcat, here’s why it was the most important Cold War warplane | Hush-Kit (

Sept. 30 – The many diverse designs of Convair
The Scopophiliac’s Guide to Aircraft Manufacturers Part 2: Convair aircraft ranked by beauty | Hush- Kit (

September 29 – Transport Canada ruling cancels Girls Fly Too event at Abbotsford.
Organizers blame regulator after women in aviation event cancelled at last minute – BC |
Girls Fly Too aviation event unexpectedly grounded | CTV News

Sept. 29 – Why SAS ditched the DASH 8
Why SAS Ditched Its Dash 8 Fleet (

Sept. 25 – Finishing Rénald Fortier‘s series on the Alouette
Alouette, gentille alouette, Alouette, je te lancerai; Or, How the Cold War propelled Canada into space via the Alouette satellite, part 1 | The Channel (
Alouette, gentille alouette, Alouette, je te lancerai; Or, How the Cold War propelled Canada into space via the Alouette satellite, part 2 | The Channel (
Alouette, gentille alouette, Alouette, je te lancerai; Or, How the Cold War propelled Canada into space via the Alouette satellite, part 3 | The Channel (