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Canadian Aeronautical Preservation Association

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Listed below is every active member affiliated with the CAPA. All members have been verified and are part of the CAPA member network. To become a member and join our community please fill out an application form.

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There are currently 5 CAPA Museum Members in this directory beginning with the letter A.
Aero Space Museum Association of Calgary
4629 McCall Way NE
Calgary AB T2E 8A5

Phone: (403) 250-3752
Fax: (403) 250-8399
CAPA Contact: Steve Ogle (CEO)

Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Canada

Alberta Aviation Museum Association 11410

AV Roe Canada Aviation Museum Association
Unit A – 7012 Ogden Road SE
Calgary, AB  T2C 1B4

Phone: (403) 279-7791
Fax: (403) 203-3211
CAPA Contact: Donette Hyslip (Director)