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Canadian Aeronautical Preservation Association

Canadian Vintage Aircraft Listing

As a service to our members, other organizations, and the general public, The Canadian Aeronautical Preservation Association is pleased to provide information regarding the vintage aircraft currently displayed by museums and other organizations in Canada.

The basis for this project is information collected by the late Tom Palmer. A resident of Victoria, British Columbia, Tom was a wartime member of No. 635 Squadron RAF. As a hobby, he collected vast amounts of data related to Halifax and Lancaster Bombers as well as the vintage aircraft on display in Canada. Tom volunteered from time to time at the Nanton Lancaster Air Museum. He donated his collection of information to the museum which is pleased to have made it available as the beginnings of this project.

We would like to thank others who have contributed information and acknowledge with thanks our use of information made available through

View Listings Of Canadian Vintage Aircraft

We hope you find the information interesting and useful. Detailed information regarding many of these aircraft is available on websites managed by their custodians.

When viewing the listings please note the following:

  • The “Updated” field indicates the date of the most current information that we have related to the aircraft.
  • The “Markings” field indicates the letters/numbers currently on the fuselage of the aircraft.
  • The “Status” field is, at this time, limited to the following entries: Airworthy, Static, Under Restoration, Unrestored, and Pedestal.
  • The “Custodian” field indicates the museum or organization that is responsible for the aircraft. In some cases this entry is preceded by a “?” followed by a location. This indicates that we know where the aircraft is but do not know who is responsible for it.
  • The “Museum” field indicates whether or not the organization that is responsible for the aircraft is operating as a museum.
  • The “CAPA” field indicates whether or not the organization that is responsible for the aircraft is a member of the Canadian Aeronautical Preservation Association.

As our member museums know, we welcome whatever deletions, additions, and corrections that are required. We also welcome information regarding other vintage aircraft in Canada that are not on our listing.

Please forward any information you feel we should have to Dave Birrell, the CAPA director responsible for this initiative, by email at