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Canadian Aeronautical Preservation Association

About CAPA

Founded in 1977, CAPA is an association of Canadian Aviation Museums and Associate Members, who have come together to promote the preservation of aircraft, aviation history, and the retention in Canada of artefacts and materials significant to Canadian aviation.

All parties have signed the Memorandum of Co-operation and Understanding, which is in effect their Constitution.

Memorandum of Co-operation and Understanding

This Memorandum of Understanding is entered into by the undersigned members of the Canadian Aeronautical Preservation Association.

WHEREAS the undersigned members of the Canadian Aeronautical Preservation Association recognize the mutual benefits which may arise from cooperation between their institutions in the preservation of Canada’s aviation heritage, they agree as follows:

  1. The undersigned institutions will explore opportunities to cooperate with each other, to the extent that funding and operational circumstances permit, in the areas of artifact loans and public programs including traveling exhibitions and museum outreach;
  2. The undersigned institutions may similarly call on each other for assistance and advice of a general or technical nature in areas of artifact conservation, collection management, program development, market research, membership, fundraising and other areas of established professional museum practice;
  3. That no joint activity will incur, without specific agreement, any obligation between any of the undersigned institutions;
  4. That all activity undertaken under this agreement will be consistent with the constitution and by-laws of the Canadian Aeronautical Preservation Association;